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The Wall – William Sutcliffe


Joshua’s football goes over the wall into another place, a place where he is not allowed to go. BeinImageg an inquisitive and possessive 13 year old boy he is determined to get it back. A hidden tunnel takes him under the wall, past houses flattened and destroyed. He emerges into a world that is vastly different to his own. Sound familiar?

Of course it does. Children’s literature is full of magical ‘other worlds’. But this is no fairy tale world. The wall Joshua tunnels under separates the occupied territories in Israel from the Palestinian refugees on the other side. The world Joshua enters is full of deprivation – lack of food, lack of medicine, lack of freedom. Vastly different to his world back across the wall in the ‘new town’ his step-father has taken them to re-settle in.

The wall is a story of families, friendships and obligations that survive any such divide. And of course as with all relationships, there can be tragedies. The wall provides a well researched and documented narrative of life in the occupied Palestinian territories.

You can read a review of The wall here 


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