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Project Huia – Des Hunt


ImageDes Hunt writes almost exclusively for a young teen audience. He has a real formula – action, adventure with a NZ conservation and environmental flavour. Project Huia  is no different.

What if de-extinction was a real possibility? What if we could recreate the famed huia? What other possibilities could there be?

The story is one that most teens could relate to in some way, in a straightforward manner.The author creates an authentic view of small town NZ – of families struggling, of school-yard bullies who grown into bullying adults.

The story is written in a straightforward and engaging manner – most young teens would relate to and enjoy the story .


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  1. ruby says:

    no but i really want to i am in the middle of shadows in the ice that i got from the library. I have read the cry of the taniwha, the crocodiles nest, & the secret of jelly mountain but i wish i could have all your books including the books in the future xxx love you by the way you came to my school riverview primary in kerikeri i was the one with gong xxx your books are awesome. Ruby…

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