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Life after Theft – Aprilyne Pike


This story is a light fun read. Kimberlee is funny, sad and overall dead, and Jeff is the first person to see and talk to her. She wants to move on and he wants to fit in.

Jeff wants to help Kimberlee to move on so he can stop thinking he is crazy. When he decides to help her return things she stole, which is kind of sterotyped, rich girl has everything she wants, steals, wants her parents attention and of course everyone really didn’t like her like she thought. There are some hard lessons in this book, and some truths about being a rich popular high school girl who unknowingly and sometimes knowingly makes other people’s lives hell. Kimberlee is accepting these things and is scared but ready to move on to see what awaits her on the other side.

The great thing about this book is that it is written from a boys point of view, which is so rare.

All in all an easy read, sending a message to teens that your actions can sometimes come back to haunt you.


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