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The Bunker Diary – Kevin Brooks


‘ The Bunker Diary is the seemingly straightforward tale of Linus, a teenage runaway fooled in to the back of a van, subsequently chloroformed and imprisoned in a nuclear bunker. Initially alone, he’s soon joined by several others, ranging from a nine year old girl to an overweight businessman, also kidnapped against their will. Forced to coexist in order to survive, the group finds themselves at the mercy of some particularly nasty mind games, and tensions soon begin to pull them apart. Do they have any hope of escape?

This is a thrilling read but not for the faint hearted.  Remember that you are never guaranteed a happy ending.  This is no Fairy tale


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  1. mrscleary says:

    Normally I’m a real Kevin Brooks fan – I love his gritty approach to young adult fiction – but this one I’m not sure about – too many unanswered questions – and what was the point? Maybe that was the point?
    As usual carefully crafted dialogue and various levels of meaning.

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