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Forgotten – Cat Patrick


download (2) This story is about a teen called London, where every morning at 4.33am, London Lane forgets her past.

Each night, she has to write notes about what had happened that day to build up a portfolio of her life. With the help of her mother and best friend Jamie, London could pass for normal. Apart from the fact that she can see into the future the way we can see into the past.

When she meets gorgeous new boy Luke, he seems to be everything she could want, yet she can’t see him in her future. Everyday, London has to meet Luke for the first time, without remembering who he is. Luke is very much a part of London’s future, and yet she can never see him.

Not long after she meets Luke, London remembers the first thing from her past. A funeral of someone she loved. Who’s it was, she doesn’t know. Unaware that this is memory from her past, and not from her future, London begins to think that maybe Luke will die in the future, and that’s why she doesn’t see him.

It’s an unfortunate condition that London must live with, her life spread out only on paper and in other people’s memories. I really like the way she has to piece her life together like a puzzle, unaware of the past and only of the looming future. The concept of the book is great, and I’ve only seen it done in a couple of other books, such as What Alice Forgot, and Before I Go To Sleep, both of which I enjoyed too.

I really like books like this, where you discover things as the character does.  Enjoy


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