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Freedom Merchants – Sherryl Jordan


ImageAction, adventure, pirates and shipwrecks all form part of Sherryl Jordan’s latest novel.

Freedom Merchants is an historical novel with none of the magical or sorcery of Jordan’s other works. Set in 1615 the action travels from the coast of Ireland, to the shore of Africa and Arabia.

Liam and his family rescue a shipwrecked pirate – Iskander – without realising the impact he is going to have on their lives.

Liam’s home village in Ireland is raided by pirates – aided by a group of monks he sets of to find his brother. This journey takes him across the Mediterranean and into the world of slave markets and rich princes.

Brutal at times, but a brilliantly told tale – like all of Jordans. You can check out details on her works here Sherryl Jordan .

This book will appeal to all readers – those who love action and adventure and history.


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