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The tragedy paper – Elizabeth Laban





This book reminded me very much of Donna Tartt’s  ‘Secret History‘ – a book that I found fascinating – part thriller, part mystery, part ‘coming of age’….

Set in an exclusive boarding school in NY State, the story begins to be narrated by Duncan. But this soon switches to the voice of Tim, left behind on a number of CDs for Duncan to find, as the next inhabitant of the room at the end of the hallway.

Tim, a senior the previous year, was sent there to finish his final year before heading to college. As an pure white albino, Tim has always found it hard to fit in – not helped by the fact that he is meant to wear extremely obvious protective glasses – meant to prolong the life of his hyper sensitive eyes.

Each year, the seniors organise ‘the game’ – a prank meant to be bigger and than the year before’s one (very American!) All of this is set against the pressure of writing the notorious ‘tragedy paper’ for their Senior English class.

The multiple narrative voices cleverly recount the events of the past and present.

A good read. You can view a very beguiling book trailer for it here 



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