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Girl with all the gifts – MR Carey


A zombie story with a difference!

The zombie apocalypse has brought the world as mankind knows it toThe-Girl-With-All-The-Gifts an end. Small pockets of survivors exist, barely. In a military base not far from a main city in England, a small group of unusual children are held captive – locked in cells during the night, chained to wheelchairs during the day. Except that during the day they participate in lessons and tests.

Melanie is one of these children. Somehow the zombie ‘gene’ has morphed into something else in them. They can speak, they can move normally, they can think – but they are still dangerous and to be feared.

An attack on the base by a group of ‘junkies’ (survivors who exist by scavenging) leads to an unlikely group of allies working together to survive – zombie, soldier, teacher and scientist.

After a slow start, this is a fast paced and action packed story – where we are asked to question what it is to be human.



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