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Nona & Me – Clare Atkins


download (13)Rosie has been brought up in an isolated Yolnu aboriginal community with her hippie mother.  She has reached a time in her teen years when all the things her mother has told her, are now somewhat different to what her school friends believe and say.  She is trying hard to fit in at school with the cool crowd, but is she prepared to give up her beliefs and those of her family to fit in.

What lifts this story is that Rosie, a white Australian, lives outside of the mining town where all her white friends live, in Yirrkala, an Aboriginal community. An insecure teen, Rosie is desperate to hide just how much a part of the Yolnu people she is, and what they’ve meant to her. Until the age of nine, Rosie counted an Aboriginal girl, Nona, as not only her best friend but also her sister. Now things are different, and Rosie’s struggle is her fear of being judged versus her strong sense of connection with Nona and her extended family.



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