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Jessica’s Ghost – By Andrew Norriss


I loved this book it has a great twist in it and a lovely message of hope.  For anyone who feels that they are a bit different from their peers and struggling with their teen years this will make you feel that all you are going through will come to an end and it will be ok.

Francis had never seen a person like Jessica before. Apparently he is the only one who can see her. Jessica can pass her hand through solid metal, float, and even think herself into any clothes she wants.

But things get even more interesting when Francis learns that two other children can see Jessica as well. The three of them want to find out together how Jessica died, as she doesn’t remember a thing.

When they find out, they are very surprised by the result.

In this book there is always something to hook you on. Norriss has a very clear writing style. Everything is carefully explained.

However, if you’re looking for something funny and something a bit sad? Yes. Some serious issues are tackled — bullying, for example. Overall, a wonderful book.



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