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I’ll be there – Holly Goldberg Sloan

To be honest, this reminded me of What’s eating Gilbert Grape – gorgeoI'll Be Thereus male character with a less than normal brother and father meets alienated girl – they hit it off immediately and as the song goes ‘their worlds collide’ .

Sam cannot escape the cycle of poverty, crime amd homelessness that his father has created for them, because he feels responsible for his younger, slightly autistic brother, Riddle.

Sam is a gifted musician (self taught of course) and has movie star looks. But many things are against Sam and Emily’s relationship lasting…..


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – David Shafer

It took me awhile to get into this book, mainly because of the compex plot lines – but one in, I really enjoyed WTF (yes, that’s the coloured first le25222743tters of the book’s title – and that should have given me a clue as to the nature of the plot!)

Set in the present, or near future, WTF is about a group of seemingly disconnected men and women, who are drawn together in an attempt to foil the a plot by a global network who is aiming to ‘gather’ all private information stored online and in the cloud, in order to gain world domination.

So part thriller, part sci-fi and computer action adventure, part dystopian…….

As I said, complex, for a very capable reader.

Half a King – Joe Abercrombie

Set in a medieval world, Yarvi is the second son of a waarior KIng. His fortunes change when both his  father and brother arurle betrayed. Yarvi puts his trust, initially into the hands of his  uncle, but he soon finds this trust misplaced.

Sold into slavery, Yarvi finds friendship and support from the very people he has been  chosen to govern.

Well written, fast paced and engaging reading – and naturally the beginning of a series!!

Check out Joe’s website here – Joe Abercrombie




Birthright – Tania Roxborogh

   Birthright completes the trilogy that began with Banquo’s son. Incredibly well researched into life at the time. I really like the continuation of the story of Macbeth, 9780143567783 and really

enjoyed Banquo’s son – but have found the second and third instalments a little ‘forced’.

If you like historical fiction – you will enjoy this.

Magic and Makutu (Book 6 Aotearoa Series) – David Hair

cover-MAGIC AND MAKUTU-bannerThe 6th and final book in the Aotearoa series brings to a conclusion Matiu’s journey to save the both the worlds that he lives in. Familiar characters fill the pages – as Riki, Evie and his regular supporters are joined by some unexpacted ones!  Mat’s personal journey may seal the fate of his relationship with Evie – for if he succeeds he will be joined forever to the goddess Aroha – a duanting prospect!

Action and fantasy and a touch  NZ history as Mat attempts to recreate the signing of the Treaty – Tiriti o Waitangi – stolen in book 5.

Actions, adventure, fantasy, mythology and a bit of history in the mix.


The New Hunger – Isaac Marion




If you enjoyed ‘Warm Bodies’ as much as I did, then you’ll appreciate Marion’s prequel!

This is as well written as ‘Warm Bodies’ and fills in the backstory of both Julie and R.

Without giving to much away, the narrative develops the idea, that the zombies actually process and plan the expansion of their group or ‘family’.

Still loving the anatomical drawings throughout.


Freedom Merchants – Sherryl Jordan

ImageAction, adventure, pirates and shipwrecks all form part of Sherryl Jordan’s latest novel.

Freedom Merchants is an historical novel with none of the magical or sorcery of Jordan’s other works. Set in 1615 the action travels from the coast of Ireland, to the shore of Africa and Arabia.

Liam and his family rescue a shipwrecked pirate – Iskander – without realising the impact he is going to have on their lives.

Liam’s home village in Ireland is raided by pirates – aided by a group of monks he sets of to find his brother. This journey takes him across the Mediterranean and into the world of slave markets and rich princes.

Brutal at times, but a brilliantly told tale – like all of Jordans. You can check out details on her works here Sherryl Jordan .

This book will appeal to all readers – those who love action and adventure and history.