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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – David Shafer

It took me awhile to get into this book, mainly because of the compex plot lines – but one in, I really enjoyed WTF (yes, that’s the coloured first le25222743tters of the book’s title – and that should have given me a clue as to the nature of the plot!)

Set in the present, or near future, WTF is about a group of seemingly disconnected men and women, who are drawn together in an attempt to foil the a plot by a global network who is aiming to ‘gather’ all private information stored online and in the cloud, in order to gain world domination.

So part thriller, part sci-fi and computer action adventure, part dystopian…….

As I said, complex, for a very capable reader.


Half a King – Joe Abercrombie

Set in a medieval world, Yarvi is the second son of a waarior KIng. His fortunes change when both his  father and brother arurle betrayed. Yarvi puts his trust, initially into the hands of his  uncle, but he soon finds this trust misplaced.

Sold into slavery, Yarvi finds friendship and support from the very people he has been  chosen to govern.

Well written, fast paced and engaging reading – and naturally the beginning of a series!!

Check out Joe’s website here – Joe Abercrombie




Finding Fortune – Pippa Goodhart



Ida’s mother has died and now her Grandmama has plans for Ida that do not seem to include her beloved father, Ida then has plans of her own.

This is a lovely feel good read about a girl with some spirit who takes things into her own hands to be with her father to the extent that she goes with him on an adventure that takes them to the gold fields of  Canada at the time of the famous Klondike gold rush
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Rooftoppers – Katherine Rundell

Rooftoppers is an unusual tale !


“After the sinking of the Victorian liner, Queen Mary, a baby girl with “hair the colour of lightning” is found floating in a cello case in the middle of the Channel. Her rescuer, the eccentric scholar Charles Maxim, names her Sophie, takes her home to London and brings her up – in defiance of the National Childcare Agency – to be as eccentric as he is. She wears homemade, brightly coloured trousers, and lives on chips, fish in tins, cheese and, occasionally, whisky. ” (Guardian)

As the authorities move in to remove her from Charles care , they flee to Paris, where they take to the roof tops – a place where a whole society exists.

Beautifully written.

Noble Conflict – Malorie Blackman

I have always enjoyed Malorie Blackman’s books (apart from the last vampire effort) – and this is no exception.

Noble Conflict is set in the near future – a dystopian world where the ruling peace keepers ( the Guardians) keep a17119447 tight rein on controlling the rebel forces threatening their society from the ‘Badlands’ on the outer perimeters of the city. This is the world that Kaspar is born into and believes in.

But what happens when everything you have been bought up to believe is put under question? Why (and how)  is Kaspar ‘seeing’ the memories and dreams of one of the rebel fighters? Why do the rebels insist that they are only interested in peaceful protest when they are obviously terrorists involved in destroying schools and water supplies?

Well written, fast paced – with a number of twists and turns.


The New Hunger – Isaac Marion




If you enjoyed ‘Warm Bodies’ as much as I did, then you’ll appreciate Marion’s prequel!

This is as well written as ‘Warm Bodies’ and fills in the backstory of both Julie and R.

Without giving to much away, the narrative develops the idea, that the zombies actually process and plan the expansion of their group or ‘family’.

Still loving the anatomical drawings throughout.


Freedom Merchants – Sherryl Jordan

ImageAction, adventure, pirates and shipwrecks all form part of Sherryl Jordan’s latest novel.

Freedom Merchants is an historical novel with none of the magical or sorcery of Jordan’s other works. Set in 1615 the action travels from the coast of Ireland, to the shore of Africa and Arabia.

Liam and his family rescue a shipwrecked pirate – Iskander – without realising the impact he is going to have on their lives.

Liam’s home village in Ireland is raided by pirates – aided by a group of monks he sets of to find his brother. This journey takes him across the Mediterranean and into the world of slave markets and rich princes.

Brutal at times, but a brilliantly told tale – like all of Jordans. You can check out details on her works here Sherryl Jordan .

This book will appeal to all readers – those who love action and adventure and history.