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Girl with all the gifts – MR Carey

A zombie story with a difference!

The zombie apocalypse has brought the world as mankind knows it toThe-Girl-With-All-The-Gifts an end. Small pockets of survivors exist, barely. In a military base not far from a main city in England, a small group of unusual children are held captive – locked in cells during the night, chained to wheelchairs during the day. Except that during the day they participate in lessons and tests.

Melanie is one of these children. Somehow the zombie ‘gene’ has morphed into something else in them. They can speak, they can move normally, they can think – but they are still dangerous and to be feared.

An attack on the base by a group of ‘junkies’ (survivors who exist by scavenging) leads to an unlikely group of allies working together to survive – zombie, soldier, teacher and scientist.

After a slow start, this is a fast paced and action packed story – where we are asked to question what it is to be human.



Noble Conflict – Malorie Blackman

I have always enjoyed Malorie Blackman’s books (apart from the last vampire effort) – and this is no exception.

Noble Conflict is set in the near future – a dystopian world where the ruling peace keepers ( the Guardians) keep a17119447 tight rein on controlling the rebel forces threatening their society from the ‘Badlands’ on the outer perimeters of the city. This is the world that Kaspar is born into and believes in.

But what happens when everything you have been bought up to believe is put under question? Why (and how)  is Kaspar ‘seeing’ the memories and dreams of one of the rebel fighters? Why do the rebels insist that they are only interested in peaceful protest when they are obviously terrorists involved in destroying schools and water supplies?

Well written, fast paced – with a number of twists and turns.


The 5th wave – Rick Yancey

Dystopian and apocalyptic fiction seems to be the on a real roll – there are so  many books for young adults being written in this genre.

The 5th wave is set in a post-alien invasion apocalyptic world. The invasion has been in ‘waves’ and the 5th wave of the title is one that was not expected.


Multiple narrators add to the richness and action of the text and I for one, am eagerly awaiting the

You can check out the book’s very cool website here …..  it looks as if there might be a film soon.

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy and the Gone series – this will be one for you.