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A disturbing tale of two psychopathic pre-teens. Somewhat along the lines of the ‘Ripley’ series. Aimed at YA, well-written but creepily dangerous. ‘What do two monsters do when they pass each other? Smile!’




I Let You Go – By Clare MacKintosh

I Let you Go is the powerful debut novel from Clare Mackintosh, a former police officer turned freelance writer.
The story is told from multiple viewpoints after a tragic accident results in the death of a young child. Jenna Gray’s world has fallen apart and she moves to an isolated cottage on the Welsh coast hoping to rebuild her life. I loved the way Mackintosh decided to join together two different types of crime writing in this novel as well as detailing the psychological impact of the crash on Jenna, Mackintosh also gives us the police procedural element as she follows the investigation carried out by DI Ray Stephens and DC Kate Evans and a glimpse into Ray’s home life. This makes the mystery all the more intriguing as despite giving the reader various pieces of the puzzle she doesn’t reveal everything. The writing is excellent and there is a killer twist which I promise you won’t see coming.
The story was inspired by a real life hit and run accident that Mackintosh was involved in investigating shortly after she joined the police force. This book is a engrossing, thrilling and at times almost heart stopping perfect for fans of Paula Daly, Sophie Hannah and Claire McGowan.

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Frog Music – Emma Donaghue

Not really sure about this one! A very adult book – definitely for mature senior readers.

I urlreally enjoyed the social history of San Fransisco – the development of the city; the segregation of immigrants; the French connection; the gender discussions and the development of the economy. However I was not that taken with the actual storyline and the use of lyrics.

This is the third Donaghue I have read – The sealed letter and The room being the others – all very different.

You can read the author’s comments here – Donaghue


The hypnotist – Gordon Korman

This will undoubtedly be a popular read – the kids are so into ‘Dynamo’ anything about magicians and hynosis will be a hit.

Korman is a popular author and this is his latest novel. Jax (Jackson) is unaware of the power he has to ‘influence’ people untImageil the day he is taken under the wing of Dr Mako and the SENTIA Academy. Here he learns how to channel his powers and use them for the right purpose – or is that exactly what is happening?

Fast paced – full of action and suspense – and obviously written for a sequel!!