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WarCross – Marie Lu

Another one for the gamers out there! A great read.



Set in NY in the near future, the virtual reality game WarCross has made its’ founder Hideo Tanaka, a billionaire. But no game is foolproof and Emika Chen is an A+ hacker.

Emika hacks into the opening event of a major WarCross challenge and finds herself not only face to face with her hero and idol Hideo, but also brings her into a world of riches, fame and danger.



We see everything – William Sutcliffe

35192876.jpgReally enjoyed this dystopian novel set in London in the near future. London has become a walled off city. The inhabitants live under constant surveillance and fear of attack.

Two narratives are linked – Lex lives in fear for his family’s life – especially that of his father who leads the resistance. Alan, a dedicated gamer, uses his skills to lead drone attacks from a secret location, on the city when required.

Pretty sure that gamers and dystopian lovers will enjoy this.






Scythe – Neal Shusterman

Another winner in the same vein as ‘Unwind’, but not as good as (IMO).
Dystopian future, no natural mortality so the population has to be culled regularly in a ‘scything’. Being a ‘Scythe’ the group who do the culling, is both revered and feared!


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YA fiction, but would need to be a mature reader.

The Diabolic – S J Kincaid

Yet another dystopian sci fi fantasy!


Set in the far distant future the known universe has expanded BUT many planets are seen as being unsafe places to live and only the space station that supports the Emperor and his supporters is seen as a safe haven.

Genetically modification is the ‘norm’ and diabolics are bodyguards created to protect the young of the senate, human looking but devoid of independent human thought or emotion – or so it seems!

The first in a new series. Complex, but I’m sure fantasy fiction lovers will enjoy.


The Fireman – Joe Hill


Joe Hill’s writing skills are as strong as his father’s Stephen King, and this is clearly apparent in his latest piece – The Fireman. 

The novel is set in a dystopian near future. A unexplained virus which causes it’s sufferers to self combust at some point in the future, has ravaged parts of the USA. A small group of the infected have managed to ‘tame’ the dragon scale disease and manage themselves in a secret hideaway, with the help of the mysterious ‘fireman’. He looks for those who are able to be ‘saved’. However gangs of the un-infected roam the streets looking to exterminate the infected ‘self-preservation’.

A weighty tome! But an engaging and action packed read.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – David Shafer

It took me awhile to get into this book, mainly because of the compex plot lines – but one in, I really enjoyed WTF (yes, that’s the coloured first le25222743tters of the book’s title – and that should have given me a clue as to the nature of the plot!)

Set in the present, or near future, WTF is about a group of seemingly disconnected men and women, who are drawn together in an attempt to foil the a plot by a global network who is aiming to ‘gather’ all private information stored online and in the cloud, in order to gain world domination.

So part thriller, part sci-fi and computer action adventure, part dystopian…….

As I said, complex, for a very capable reader.

Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken

A society where every c10576365hild who survived the ‘mystery illness’ has a been given colour code, dependant upon the level of ‘powers’ that they now have.  A society where any level of power is viewed with fear by all adults, including parents. A society where under 16s are placed in detention centres and the most powerful ones are ‘cleansed’. That is the world of that Ruby exists in.

Fast paced and action packed. A new dystopian vision – where Ruby’s gift challenges her basic need for friendship and companionship – where she has to make some very difficult choices.

Definitely written for a sequel and very readable.