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Dreamfall – Amy Plum

31371729.jpgI’d read a couple of not so good reviews of this before I started reading, but to be honest, I thought it was a pretty engaging read.

7 teens who have severe insomnia (along with a multitude of other disorders) are brought together for an ‘experimental’ cure. Needless to say, something goes horribly wrong and the 7 are locked in what looks to be coma-like dream state. What the scientists are not aware of though is that the 7 are experiencing each other’s ‘nightmares’.

Enough of a ‘back-story’ was provided (cleverly through the use of a student intern ‘reading’ the case files) to enable me to be invested in wanting to know the outcomes for the characters.

Now I’ll have to read the sequel!


Half a King – Joe Abercrombie

Set in a medieval world, Yarvi is the second son of a waarior KIng. His fortunes change when both his  father and brother arurle betrayed. Yarvi puts his trust, initially into the hands of his  uncle, but he soon finds this trust misplaced.

Sold into slavery, Yarvi finds friendship and support from the very people he has been  chosen to govern.

Well written, fast paced and engaging reading – and naturally the beginning of a series!!

Check out Joe’s website here – Joe Abercrombie




Gospel of Loki – Joanna Harris



It’s not often that I do not finish a book – but I’m sorry to say that this was one of those times!

I have always been keen to read each new Joanna Harris – but this foray into fantasy fiction did not do it for me!

Reading like Loki – of Avenger’s fame – diary was strong narrative technique – but not strong enough to keep my interest.


Magic and Makutu (Book 6 Aotearoa Series) – David Hair

cover-MAGIC AND MAKUTU-bannerThe 6th and final book in the Aotearoa series brings to a conclusion Matiu’s journey to save the both the worlds that he lives in. Familiar characters fill the pages – as Riki, Evie and his regular supporters are joined by some unexpacted ones!  Mat’s personal journey may seal the fate of his relationship with Evie – for if he succeeds he will be joined forever to the goddess Aroha – a duanting prospect!

Action and fantasy and a touch  NZ history as Mat attempts to recreate the signing of the Treaty – Tiriti o Waitangi – stolen in book 5.

Actions, adventure, fantasy, mythology and a bit of history in the mix.


Man made boy – Jon Skovron


man-made-boy-coverBoy is the main character of the novel -made by his parents – Frankenstein’s monster and his wife (the Bride)

They live, with all the other monsters of ancient myths and legends (and some modern ones) under a theatre, where they perform a ‘nightly’ freak show for customers of the real world.

Boy longs for more than this – and so begins his journey into the world of humans.

I didn’t really like this that much, but there are rave reviews of it – you can read them here  and here

The watcher in the shadows – Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Zafon is one of my favourite authors – he is probably more well know for his adult fiction series – The shadow in the wind .  His cross-genre mix of mystery, romance, thriller  and fantasy make for riveting reading. 

The watcher in the shadows tells the story of Irene and Ishmael. Irene has moved to Blue Bay far away from the life of luxury she has been used to. Her mother now forced to earn a living, housekeeps for the reclusive toymaker Lazarus (his name will be a clue for some!!). Irene and her brother have the run of most of the house, except for one wing. Lifesize toys fill the main rooms and create an air of wonder.

Ishmael’s cousin also works at the ‘big house’ and it is through her that he meets Irene. The house is full of secrets and mysterious events seem to be taking hold of their lives…….

A great read! 

You can check out his website here…..

Ghosts of Parihaka – David Hair




This is the  5th book in David Hair’s very popular Aotearoa series. Matiu (the powerful adept who is revered and feared in the mystical Aotearoa) goes back to Aotearoa in order to save his best friend Rikki, who has been tricked into passing through the barriers to the past.


This story deals with one of the most deplorable moments in NZ colonial history – the removal, imprisonment and enslavement of peaceful protesters on Parihaka (Taranaki). They were relocated to the coastal cave prisons of Dunedin, where many perished in captivity.


If you have read the first four in the series, you will love this one. Hair notes that #6 will be the final installment.