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Hysteria – Megan Miranda


I’m sure that this will be popular with many students – but it has not been well received by many reviewers (you can check out other reviews here)

Mystery, thriller,  romance rolled together to create a tale, one could only describe as ‘disturbia’ !


From the word go we know that Mallory killed her boyfriend in self-defense. Escaping to  her father’s old college she hope to leave behind the distraught mother and self-obsessed brother of her victim, as well as her own family who are struggling to live with the trauma of the events.

However college life has it’s own, seemingly sinister problems – nights filled with nightmares; cliques of girls out to cause damage, ruthless initiation ceremonies and her own increasing paranoia. When another boy is found dead in her room, the world seems to come crashing down….



The calligrapher’s daughter – Eugenia Kim



The calligrapher’s daughter  is a fascinating story, mainly because  it tells the story of life in Korea at the turn of the 20th century.

Najin Han, the main character, is the daughter of a calligrapher, whose work are renowned through out South East Asia. The Japanese annexation of Korea and subsequent ‘occupation’ sees the end of the traditional Korean way of life.

Najin Han’s father, a traditionalist, struggles to come to grips with this ‘new’ Korea and the status given to women. Japanese methods of colonisation were aimed at destroying the fabric of traditional Korean life and culture.

This is a densely written book detailed in it’s reflections of traditional Korean life at a time of unprecedented change.

Check out the author’s website here…. 

The 5th wave – Rick Yancey

Dystopian and apocalyptic fiction seems to be the on a real roll – there are so  many books for young adults being written in this genre.

The 5th wave is set in a post-alien invasion apocalyptic world. The invasion has been in ‘waves’ and the 5th wave of the title is one that was not expected.


Multiple narrators add to the richness and action of the text and I for one, am eagerly awaiting the

You can check out the book’s very cool website here …..  it looks as if there might be a film soon.

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy and the Gone series – this will be one for you.