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The museum of you – By Carys Bray

This is a beautifully written story about a father and daughter relationship, dealing with life and its challenges.

Clover has never known her mother, but knows that all her things are stored in the second bedroom of their house.

She has never been to told to not go in there, so in her summer holidays when her father is at work she starts to sort through the boxes of items in the hope of gaining some essence of her mother.

At the same time she makes  a new friend and her Uncle Jim has a mental health breakdown.

This book deals kindly with Clover and her extended family it is a great read.2


The Accident Season- Moira Fowley-Doyle

I cannot say whether I really enjoyed this book or not, as it is such a long time since I’ve read a book that deals with such complex, mystical, dark and powerful themes.  The secrets that it holds are painful and difficult, and the way it touches upon such subjects is whimsical, powerful and filled with respect. It shows the reader that lies and secrets are our own undoing, and it does so with grace.

If you enjoyed We Were Liars, this is a whole step up in terms of twisting deception and dramatic, extravagant writing style. It’s dark, borderline fantasy and I recommend if you pick it up have an open mind as there is a lot going on in this Debut Novel.


The accident season has been a part of Cara’s life for as long as she can remember.  A month of mysterious injuries and tragedies, which cast a constant shadow over Cara and her family. This year, the accident season will break more than just bones.  As Cara is starting to ask questions – and all her family’s secrets will rise to the surface.


Finding Fortune – Pippa Goodhart



Ida’s mother has died and now her Grandmama has plans for Ida that do not seem to include her beloved father, Ida then has plans of her own.

This is a lovely feel good read about a girl with some spirit who takes things into her own hands to be with her father to the extent that she goes with him on an adventure that takes them to the gold fields of  Canada at the time of the famous Klondike gold rush
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