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Dreamfall – Amy Plum

31371729.jpgI’d read a couple of not so good reviews of this before I started reading, but to be honest, I thought it was a pretty engaging read.

7 teens who have severe insomnia (along with a multitude of other disorders) are brought together for an ‘experimental’ cure. Needless to say, something goes horribly wrong and the 7 are locked in what looks to be coma-like dream state. What the scientists are not aware of though is that the 7 are experiencing each other’s ‘nightmares’.

Enough of a ‘back-story’ was provided (cleverly through the use of a student intern ‘reading’ the case files) to enable me to be invested in wanting to know the outcomes for the characters.

Now I’ll have to read the sequel!


Evil Librarian – Michelle Knudsen

Cyn is a backstage genius with an unrequited crush of epic proportions on popular, talented Ryan, the sort of boy who seems to move “in slow motion like some stupid sequence in a bad summer movie.” She’s got a best friend and she’s snarky and smart and generally the kind of heroine everyone wants. Which is handy, since the hot new librarian is a demon in search of souls to suck as well as a child bride—and he’s got his sights set on Cyn’s best friend. Luckily, Cyn has a sort of natural demon immunity. And, it turns out, she’s got support from Ryan, so she takes on the evil librarian—and then the demonic new principal and a host of other demons, too. Bloodshed and creepy rituals abound, but the horror is always carefully undercut by the entirely realistic, slightly silly non progression of Cyn and Ryan’s romance (when they finally kiss, it’s relief for all). Snappily narrated, tightly plotted.  A good read for those who don’t normally read horror as it is pretty funny in places as well.


The boy with two heads – Andy Mulligan



The boy with two heads is the new book by Andy Mulligan (author of the very popular Trash ).Richard wakes one morning with seemingly normal sore throat – very quickly a lump appears. Over the the next day a second head emerges and Rikki arrives!

Richard and Rikki have very different personalities and but they try to carry on as normally as possible. But how can an eleven old boy, with two heads  live a normal life? The challenges are immense and varied – from finding a school uniform to playing football to going on school camp – to surviving psychiatric analyses……

The story can be read on many levels – and this is it’s strength. It can be read as part comedy part horror; it deals with isolation and loss; how families cope in difficult situations; what defines a friend – but also as an insight into just how far science and scientists are prepared to go in the name of progress and discovery.

You can find the author’s webpage here – http://www.andymulliganbooks.com/