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Half a King – Joe Abercrombie

Set in a medieval world, Yarvi is the second son of a waarior KIng. His fortunes change when both his  father and brother arurle betrayed. Yarvi puts his trust, initially into the hands of his  uncle, but he soon finds this trust misplaced.

Sold into slavery, Yarvi finds friendship and support from the very people he has been  chosen to govern.

Well written, fast paced and engaging reading – and naturally the beginning of a series!!

Check out Joe’s website here – Joe Abercrombie





Blood Ninja – Nick Lake


Ninja – dark, mysterious, deathly fast and only out at night – why then it should be no surprise that the Japanese Ninja of this series are also vampires.

Blood Ninja is set in a time gone by. Samurai rule Japan – but the game-playing of politics between the two main warlords, mean that the ninja are called on to assist both sides maintain power.

Taro is rescued from his village by one of the ninja factions. He starts his training  as one of the clan and his true identity is slowly revealed.

Very readable – first in a series.