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Holding up the universe – Jennifer Niven

This is a fantastic read about teens,relationships, friendships and anxiety.

Libby Strout has been hiding all her life, but now she is ready to face the world again .

After a huge trauma in her life she has the strength to face her first year at high school, she will cope with all the stares and drama that will go with that

This book is beautifully written and the

Then she meets Jack and their worlds collide, “because sometimes when you meet someone, the whole universe just comes into focus”



The Feathered Bone – By Julie Cantrell

The Feathered Bone is a challenging must read that forces us to face our greatest fears and believe in hope despite them.

It is a dark and sad story about 2 young girls who are on a school trip together in New Orleans, when one of them goes missing.

This is also about Amanda, a mother who was also on  the trip who was in charge of the girls and how this tragedy untangles her and her family.


The time in between – Nancy Tucker

Through her teenage years, in thrall to eating disorders, Nancy Tucker did almost manage to disappear

From the bleak reality of her body breaking down to the electric mental highs of starvation, “The time in between” is poignant and unforgettable: memoir of a young women, now 22, who against all odds insists on soaring.


This is a very real and sad insight into a young women’s battle with her anorexia and bulimia nervosa. a sad and true tale of how it destroys not only her own hopes and dreams but also those of her family around her.


The museum of you – By Carys Bray

This is a beautifully written story about a father and daughter relationship, dealing with life and its challenges.

Clover has never known her mother, but knows that all her things are stored in the second bedroom of their house.

She has never been to told to not go in there, so in her summer holidays when her father is at work she starts to sort through the boxes of items in the hope of gaining some essence of her mother.

At the same time she makes  a new friend and her Uncle Jim has a mental health breakdown.

This book deals kindly with Clover and her extended family it is a great read.2