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Love Letters to the Dead– Ava Dellaira

Laurel’s sister has died, her parents fail to cope with the tragedy and separate. In order to live as best she  can, Laurel makes the decision to change jpegschools for her senior years.

In her first English class she is asked to compose a letter to someone famous who has died.

The novel is her series of letters to the dead she has in some way made connections with – Kurt Cobain,  Amelia Earheart, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Amy Winehouse, Judy Garland,Janis Joplin and the Allan  Lane (the voice of Mister Ed) .

Through these letters Laurel questions her own life. Her relationships with her parents; her relationship  with Sky, a boy she comes to trust and her relationship and role with her sister Amy, who she idolised.    Through these letters some of the ghosts of her past come to the surface and some disturbing truths are  revealed.

More suited to the senior reader


Zac and Mia – A J Betts

Zac and Mia have little in common – except that they are both battling the the big ‘c’ – cancer. Zac is in and out of remission for leukemia and Mia is in denial – nothing is wrong with her. Life for her will continue – parties, the ‘formal’, boyfriends and so on.

But as Zac knows,  nothing is definite – nothing is certain and nothing is predictable when cancer is involved.


A well balanced narrative, told from both characters points if view – as they both battle to overcome their fears and live to fulfil their dreams.

Definitely worth a read.