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We see everything – William Sutcliffe

35192876.jpgReally enjoyed this dystopian novel set in London in the near future. London has become a walled off city. The inhabitants live under constant surveillance and fear of attack.

Two narratives are linked – Lex lives in fear for his family’s life – especially that of his father who leads the resistance. Alan, a dedicated gamer, uses his skills to lead drone attacks from a secret location, on the city when required.

Pretty sure that gamers and dystopian lovers will enjoy this.







Dreamfall – Amy Plum

31371729.jpgI’d read a couple of not so good reviews of this before I started reading, but to be honest, I thought it was a pretty engaging read.

7 teens who have severe insomnia (along with a multitude of other disorders) are brought together for an ‘experimental’ cure. Needless to say, something goes horribly wrong and the 7 are locked in what looks to be coma-like dream state. What the scientists are not aware of though is that the 7 are experiencing each other’s ‘nightmares’.

Enough of a ‘back-story’ was provided (cleverly through the use of a student intern ‘reading’ the case files) to enable me to be invested in wanting to know the outcomes for the characters.

Now I’ll have to read the sequel!

The Diabolic – S J Kincaid

Yet another dystopian sci fi fantasy!


Set in the far distant future the known universe has expanded BUT many planets are seen as being unsafe places to live and only the space station that supports the Emperor and his supporters is seen as a safe haven.

Genetically modification is the ‘norm’ and diabolics are bodyguards created to protect the young of the senate, human looking but devoid of independent human thought or emotion – or so it seems!

The first in a new series. Complex, but I’m sure fantasy fiction lovers will enjoy.


The Last Beginning – Lauren James

Time travel seems to be flavour of the month, if recent novels are anything to go by – Ben Elton, Jolast-beginninghn Boyne and Stephen King all have recent books dealing with changing the world through time travel.

James’ novel deals with the same theme – changing key events through knowledge acquired through tweaking time.

The complexities of how someone can change their future by changing their past that they didn’t know existed was a little beyond me at times. I’m sure students will find the ‘doomed romance’ and the LGTB themes of interest.


More than this – Patrick Ness



Patrick Ness, I have no idea where his ideas come from, but they are ‘out there’.

I was a big fan of the ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy – and this is another fabulous piece of writing.

Check out the book trailer here 

Anything else – gives too much away!Have a look at Ness’ website for the book here and listen to what he has to say about his new book.


The best I’ve read these hols…..