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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – David Shafer

It took me awhile to get into this book, mainly because of the compex plot lines – but one in, I really enjoyed WTF (yes, that’s the coloured first le25222743tters of the book’s title – and that should have given me a clue as to the nature of the plot!)

Set in the present, or near future, WTF is about a group of seemingly disconnected men and women, who are drawn together in an attempt to foil the a plot by a global network who is aiming to ‘gather’ all private information stored online and in the cloud, in order to gain world domination.

So part thriller, part sci-fi and computer action adventure, part dystopian…….

As I said, complex, for a very capable reader.


The Rig – Joe Ducie

Imagine a higimagesh security prison on a converted oil rig in the middle of the North AtlanticOcean.

Imagine that the only prisoners here are juveniles – servimng a minimum of 5 years.

Imagine a corrupt private prison company – that uses high spec technology to monitor all inmates 24 hours a day – where they are, what they eat, who they see, what job they do…….

Imagine  15 year old Will Drake, who is determined to escape the prison that no-one can escape from.

Add to this mix the fact that something is not quite right, in the depths under the rig.

A very good read – especially for sci-fi and action fans.



All our yesterdays by Cristin Terrill





Wow, loved this from the first page – but I am a huge dystopian fan and this ticked all the boxes – action adventure, science fiction, time travel, teenage relationships, meglomania, betrayal and espionage thriller…you name it, this has it.

Em is trapped in a prison cell, beaten and tortured in the search for a vital piece of information. In the next cell is Finn, her friend and only chance for security. As she discovers a new clue to help her escape, she realises that she herself had placed the clue in the very spot, the LAST TIME she was in this cell, in another time paradox….

A little brutal in places, but a fast-paced and a sometimes complicated read. Well worth the effort.




The boy with two heads – Andy Mulligan



The boy with two heads is the new book by Andy Mulligan (author of the very popular Trash ).Richard wakes one morning with seemingly normal sore throat – very quickly a lump appears. Over the the next day a second head emerges and Rikki arrives!

Richard and Rikki have very different personalities and but they try to carry on as normally as possible. But how can an eleven old boy, with two heads  live a normal life? The challenges are immense and varied – from finding a school uniform to playing football to going on school camp – to surviving psychiatric analyses……

The story can be read on many levels – and this is it’s strength. It can be read as part comedy part horror; it deals with isolation and loss; how families cope in difficult situations; what defines a friend – but also as an insight into just how far science and scientists are prepared to go in the name of progress and discovery.

You can find the author’s webpage here – http://www.andymulliganbooks.com/

The 5th wave – Rick Yancey

Dystopian and apocalyptic fiction seems to be the on a real roll – there are so  many books for young adults being written in this genre.

The 5th wave is set in a post-alien invasion apocalyptic world. The invasion has been in ‘waves’ and the 5th wave of the title is one that was not expected.


Multiple narrators add to the richness and action of the text and I for one, am eagerly awaiting the

You can check out the book’s very cool website here …..  it looks as if there might be a film soon.

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy and the Gone series – this will be one for you.