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Dying To Tell Me – Sherryl Clark

This is a great story about Sasha and her brother Nicky, whose Dad is the new a sole policeman in small town Manna Creek.

The day they move to Manna Creek Sasha has a a fall when exploring a walkway to a waterfall and after suffering concussion she starts to have some weird visions and when the family get a new pet, ex police dog King,   Sasha realises she can communicate with King the dog.  Sasha also see a ghost and has a vision of a house burning down but not in time to save the elderly lady who lives there.  Can she solve the towns mysteries and save her family at the same time.

A good read with realistic characters and a mystery to solve

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Crash – Lisa McMann – Wake Trilogy

Something bad is going to happen here.

This is how the story begins about Jules who has visions of a crash that involves someone she cares deeply for

Crash is a fast paced read with a romantic twist and leaves an opening at the end for book 2 of the series

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